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We present to your attention two new sections in the social space MAYA: Achievements и Rating
Achievements - are optional tasks related to the progress of Maya Group users. For the achievements received, rewards are accrued, such as:

  •  Bonus on balance
  •  Premium in MAYA
  •  Subscription in PostingBlues
  •  VIP in LikesRock
  •  Subscription in LandingJazz
  •  Rating

At the moment we have opened the first 4 achievements from the category "Welcome to MAYA":

Achievement "Newbie"
Register an account on one of the sites of the company Maya Group
Reward: Bonus on balance +€0.10  Rating +100

Achievement "Active"
Activate your account by completing 6 simple steps in your personal profile
Reward:  Premium in MAYA +15  Rating +500

Achievement "Reliable"
Confirm mail by reading in your mailbox any of the letter from the administration of Maya Group
Reward: Premium in MAYA +5  Rating +500

Achievement "Stable"
Log into your account for 7 consecutive days on any of the sites of the company Maya Group
Reward: Premium in MAYA +5  Rating +500

In the near future, after the necessary tests, we will gradually open all possible achievements.

Rating is calculated for activity in the services of the company Maya Group and allows you to identify yourself in the community. Users with high ratings are trusted by other users and receive bonuses from the administration.

Discover achievements, get awards and grow up with us!


Our best regards,
Maya Group team


We present to you the new powerful functional in the social space MAYA - Premium Account and Mass Sending. You can pay it in the "Premium Account" section, its value is purely symbolic - from 3.99 per month. Mass Sending is available for all referrals once a day, and for premium accounts, sending is available to all the contacts and contact lists (once a day for each of the lists).

Advantages of premium account:

One-click add-on of all requests to contacts

Sort contacts by lists

Mass sending to all contacts

Mass sending by contact lists

Premium icon on user's profile

Priority when contacting technical support

Preferential price for VIP status in LikesRock and subscription to PostingBlues and LandingJazz

In the future, we plan to add some more benefits to the owners of premium account. Stay in touch and grow up with us.

Our best regards,
Maya Group team

Awesome Features

Thanks to the powerful designer, simple interface and easy navigation, our landing pages are attract the visitors attention to the most awesome features of your product and motivate to quick actions.

Web Design

Modern design of landing pages, doesn't require a knowledge of programming languages. Intuitive interface of a designer and dashboard.

Web Development

Revolutionary Landings Designer with a lot of widgets and features. Ability to create a landing pages for free.

Project Management

Fully automated dashboard with convenient management of your landing pages and domains. Detailed statistics of visits.

Adaptive Web

Created landing pages are optimized to using on all major devices running iOS, Android or Windows Mobile.


An effective Landing Pages created in our service has a high conversion
and allows you to turn the page visitors into a buyers or loyal readers.

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Our Advantages

All the Landing Pages are subject to a single structure and differ only in minor elements. Design, content, information: all the elements of a landing page serve to single purpose - to attract the users attention and make them to do a particular action.


Simple and intuitive interface of a Landing Pages designer allows you to create a nice design that will attract attention of your existing and potential customers.

High Conversion

Landing pages and its content is not include a distracting information and all the content is directed to make a single particular action. Clear and simple buttons are motivated to make a purchase right now.

Search Optimization

Our Landing Page has a high relevance in the search results, thanks to automatically generated meta tags, corresponding to W3C standards.


Possibility to enable the payment plugins and receive a payments for goods or services. You just need to specify the details of your payment systems to do this.


The ability to create multilingual landing page - add multiple languages and switch buttons for these languages to attract a customers from around the world.

Fast Loading

We have done everything possible to optimize the code of landing pages we created and selected a fastest server for you: your pages will be loaded with the speed of light!


6 simple steps to attract the attention of your existing and potential customers:














Take a look to our system in action:

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Screenshot #1

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Screenshot #2

Screenshot #3

Screenshot #3

Screenshot #4

Screenshot #4

Screenshot #5

Screenshot #5

Screenshot #6

Screenshot #6

Screenshot #7

Screenshot #7

Screenshot #8

Screenshot #8


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Landing Pages is a targeted capture pages. Due to the simplicity of design, the minimum navigation, a bright accents to the main advantages, landing pages attract the users attention to the most attractive features of your product and motivate to do a quick action.

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